Company magazine.

Yes, I love company magazine!

Well, less so the content, now It’s gone more reader-fashion based, and mainly shows what readers are wearing… but as I’ve stated before, I love the redesign, and each month I keep thinking that It’s getting better and better. I saw it on the shelves of Tesco today and it looked great. Its continual matte paper finished cover definitely still stands out from the glossy competitors.

Here is the cover of the latest one:

Gutted that I can’t find a bigger image, but I love how the colour scheme is made to fit in with Kate Bosworth’s hair, and the shade of blue looked great against the off-white background and on the matte paper. The new stylised fonts are still being applied, which now give it such a recognaisble look, time after time.

Anyway, what caught my eye today which i thought was a bit different, and havent seen before, was the paisley pattern which has been applied to the spine. Which you can probably just about see in the picture.

For me that just about finished the magazine off, a nice finishing touch, as it really goes with the colours seen within the photograph.

They were also selling their spring/ summer high street edit, which had the brand consistency applied in the form of the matte’d papers and pastel shade colours. This edition was bigger than the usual handbag size magazine, and doesn’t use their new signature fonts, but I really like the consistency, and generally still really really like their magazine cover styling! It’s definitely my favourite (women’s) magazine cover on the shelves.

Honda Civic- Spark video.

There’s something really nice about this video! I find the voiceover and concept of the video really inspiring, to push on new ideas to create great things. It has some really nice visuals too, which really artistic and gives a sense of innovation. It always seems to motivate me each time I watch it.

(via zoebirtles)


use of simple vectors hereee.  I like the minimal use of colours, and the one colour vectors. And the layout of the imagery and type is really nice.

Inside a corner shop.

I’ve been trying to find some images which represent the feel and ambience of a corner shop. There’s something really nice about corner shops, especially none- chain ones. I like their none corporate nature, and enthusiasm to strive for the customer. I know there are more convenience stores such as Tesco extra these days, which seem to obviously be doing really well, but I feel that these take away the personal nature that the more traditional nature achieved. I would quite like to aim to capture this traditionalness and friendlyness from corner shops.

Here are some images of how I picture the tradiitonal corner shop, a little bit cluttered, but everything you need. I think the small area makes it seem more intimate and personal.

I know I don’t want my shop to cluttered, that goes against my idea, but I think with the size colours (particularly at my show) and branding, will set the tone for my shop.

I think the fact that It is aimed at Graphic designers already gives it a sense of community, which may create a warm homely feeling for them, a place to meet and socialise whilst picking up their daily goods.

Bondi Beach apartments logo.

Logo design by Jason Little.

Love the simplicity and cleverness of this logo .. as the apartments lie on the beach front, connecting people to beach.

I also really like how thoughtfully it has been applied.

Ipad Wallpapers.

Here are some seriously stunning wallpapers designed for Ipads, by Simon C.Page, found on Behance. 

This is just up my street, and I can’t quite get enough of them!

What I mainly like about them is the accuracy and angular nature, the way you can see so many different shapes in them, by the use of well considered lines. The colours are amazing, and they are just so nice to look at.

This is perfect research for my branded packaging range, as due to the shops strong kerning reference, I am showing that designers have the eye to notice the little things, when things (such as kerning) are out of place/ not correct. Everything in the store will be purposefully placed and have a reference to angles and geometry.

I think these wallpapers scream precision, and I hope to achieve this within my designs too.



The challenge: With growing economic concerns and shrinking marketing budgets, we needed to tell clients and prospective clients that in spite - indeed because of the recession, we are more relevant to them now than ever.
What we needed was a simple, cheap and effective way to do this.


Another (random!) thing that’s inspired me lately, is the inside of envelopes. I really like the geometric patterns used within them, which also have a really important purpose, to stop the contents inside being visible. 

And they use reallyyyy nice little intricate patterns. 

Technical drawings.

Something which I feel pretty inspired by lately, are technical drawings, or very intricate geometric drawings. I really like the aesthetics of them, and have a big appreciation of the accuracy and technical side of it.


Icelandic designer Hafsteinn Juliusson emphasizes portion control with a series of colorful pie-chart plates.

Ministry of Stories & Hoxton Street Monster Supplies

Zo showed me this a while back, and I appreciate it even more the second time round!

Hoxton street monster supplies is a writing centre where kids aged 8-18 can get one-to-one tuition with professional writers and other volunteers; with the centres being housed behind fantastical shop fronts designed to fire the kids’ imaginations (and generate income for the writing centres).

The shop fronts are pretty incredible…

I like the really subdued look to it, it looks pretty dark which makes everything seem more realistic and believable. They sell some pretty interesting products… which are really nicely packaged.

I think it shows a great sense of imagination, by its clever copywriting, and it is indeed the perfect place to inspire others to use thier imaginations too and think outside of the box. It shows that pretty much anything is possible!

And it obviously looks really sleek and professional. There’s nothing playful about the look of it, which I think is what makes it so believable.

It definitely serves it’s purpose. And I’m really inspired by the design of the packages and the shop layout. Also, It really shows that the unexpected can be achieved.

Clever cakes.

I’ve just come across these beautiful pieces of typography for some Mr Kipling advertisements. I love how they mimic the creaminess of icing, and their general realism. The curvaceous shape of the letters look so friendly and appealing, and this type make you want the cake without having to show an image of it! Really nice approachable colours used too, which happen to really remind me of Easter.

Another thing I like about the Mr Kipling brand, is their clever use of social media marketing, in the form of the facebook page ‘Mrs Kipling.’


What I like most about this is the tone of the status updates they create, with it being ‘Mrs Kipling’, everything is written in a really informal, nice way, and she sounds like such a proud wife, referring to him as her ‘Mr K’…

This definitely gets a good reaction, and encourages people to talk on their page about their cakes, like a forum.

Unfortunately I’m not a cakey person whatsoever. But these statuses always make me smile!

I think It’s a great way of adding a sense of familiarity and friendliness to a well known brand, and by making them very contactable is a very good way of advertising their new lines/ name dropping their existing lines and generally boosting sales.


Love these simple ice lolly prints by a man called Dan Cottrell.

Amazing find by Alex. I’m thinking of incorporating some vectored illustrations into my work, and I absolutely love the effectiveness of these simple ones.

New colour scheme.

I have decided upon a new colour scheme. I thought the other one was perhaps a little too bright, and potentially a little bit girly. I wanted them to look a little more refreshing, and set more of a tone for the shop. I feel much happier with these colours, and the way they work together.