One year on….

So as it’s been a (very quick!) year, since I graduated, I thought I’d post a few bits of work I’ve done, but not had chance to put online over the recent months. This work is mostly from placement projects, before I dived into the world of full time graphic designing, or colouring in as some say!

So shortly after graduating, I was superrr excited to begin a 2 week placement at Hallmark cards in Bradford which I won through a competition at Uni. I could have weed when I found out, because as everybody says, “I do nott usually win things!”

Whilst there I was briefed to create a design for a mothers day card. Below is the end result. I wanted to create a card which could be displayed all year round, so chose a phrase relevant for everyday, as appose to Happy Mothers day. I used imagery of cross stitch fabric, digital stitching and shadowing to make it look more 3 dimensional, like a photo frame.

For the back of the card I styled it up to look like the back of a photo frame for consistency.

Another project I was set was to create a male birthday card for a Son. I didn’t realise how difficult it would be as I had to appeal to different age ranges of sons, who would have very different interests. I decided to keep it quite generic and simple, using a masculine looking blue yet adding some hints of more playful colours and manly shapes.

I was let loose in the finishing room where the foiling and embossing takes place, so i was able to experiments with some finishes. On this card I did embossing and pearl and silver foiling. Uber fun times had!


Whilst on placement at the lovely Vibe, In my hometown, I was asked to help out on a charity project, a charity calendar to raise money for PWSA (Prader-willi syndrome Association UK.) A group of ladies had decided to bare all for this fantastic cause.

My task was to lay out the artwork of the calendar (the photographs had been provided) and produce some leaflets to promote the launch of the calendar. It was great to see something that I’d designed brought to life as it was printed. 

Here are a few snippets of the ladies, don’t they look fab?! 


More recently, at the end of June, a piece of my work was in the Wunderkind exhibition, curated by the one and only Tash Wilcocks. It was an exhibition at 2022NQ, Manchester and consisted of 40 past and present students. It was great to see such a variety of work and to see what people were up to.  

This was the piece of work I chose to display, which is from a personal ‘kaleidoscope’ project which I’m working on at the moment. 

I will have some pieces of this project up on my society6 shop soon along with some others designs.

Overall what a fun year.

For now, over and out! :)

Take a look…

…at the recent work of Surface pattern designer Craig Rowley : ) and give him a follow!

I may be a little bit biased but he is pretty damn good!! 


VCE Season of Excellence 2012

Melbourne-based design studio A Friend of Mine by Suzy Tuxen created the identity design for the VCE Season of Excellence 2012 (a series of events and exhibitions to show a selection of the best works by VCE students).



This is the first initiative from Partners for Mental Health designed to improve mental health in Canada. Critical to its success was to create an experience that would draw people into a conversation, encouraging a new, more open relationship with their feelings, and inspiring them to pledge their support. The identity thus had to be bold yet personal and comfortable. To do this, we created a spectrum of moods and corresponding colours that people could identify with, select and wear. We then put it out on the street to provoke engagement and dialogue, driving them to the website where they could learn more and pledge their support.

 Blok Design

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Pantone Color Wheel Celebrates the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee

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Time Machine Typography

The ‘show’ would work best in colour for emphasis of the not-so-secret-ness! 

Logo Idea.


John Boilard  |

My name is John Boilard. I design, put on music events, and screen print under the name JP Boneyard. If you ask me, nothing beats being a designer, traveling to awesome places, screen printing, cool food, Sam Cooke, Springsteen, or going to local shows. Presently I am a full time designer / blades of steel champ at Upstatement in Boston Mass.

the design blog: facebook | twitter

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Rhyl rebrand.

Saw this a while back, but only re-discovered it again now. Wish Id’ve seen It a few weeks back! I have massive love for this rebrand, stunning patterns, colours and shapes. As as It’s a seaside place, I think this is how it should look, fun, friendly and desirable. I’ve never been to Rhyl before, but I want to go, now!

Can’t help but notice the image of the corner building bottom right, which I think I would have to transfer into the Rhyl’s version of the Kerner shop!

A great idea to use the lovely patterns on the garages to add personality to the place.

And last but not least the lovely ice cream van, which I feel just completely ties the brand together.

Aaron Moran’s work.

I’ve come across the work of Aaron Moran today. 

It has a great element of shape, perspective and texture. Some other really beautiful work on his site too.! 


Recently, I’ve become very into interiors! My latest phase being grey paint! I usually think, the lighter the better, but I really love the tone It sets in the room.

Morag Myerscough.

Here are a few snippets of the work of Morag Myerscough, who’s work I discovered at the Manchester Design Symposium a few weeks back. I instantly loved her work because it was so colourful, fun and adventurous, definitely up my street and the type of work I admire. The design symposium was a at a great time, as I was looking for inspiration for my NMP, so this was great. I already had visions of the Kerner shop being a bright, colourful and pleasant place to be in, and seeing her work confirmed my visions! I like the way that her work is so striking and bold, and within each piece creates such a statement. It’s definitely not design that can be ignored. Oh and she was rather funny, and generally very likeable!

Research project/ Home project.

A month of so ago, 20 or so of us,  took part in a short experiment as part of an International Research project, for a lecturer from Abu Dhabi, who was completing research there. 

He set us a two hour brief, in which the group was split into two, half of which would answer the brief using only computers, and the other half which were allowed just a pen and paper. I was in the digital group.

The brief was to come up with a logo for a company called Vendon, who specialise in vending machines.. We were given a proper brief and specifications for the logo design, and the two hour time scale to complete the task within. We were asked to keep our ideas to ourselves and to not look at anyone elses work.

He kept popping into the two different rooms to document our process as we went along.

I came up with a variety of ideas (Which I’m trying to find at the moment! during my Mac clearout) and at the end we were just asked to fill out a questionnaire about how we found it and how we would have preferred to work etc.

Even though I was able to use the computers and Internet, It made me appreciate usually being able to look at books, having a pen and paper and generally being able to look outside of four walls for inspiration, and not being constrained. 

I also found It a weird experience to be designing a logo that we didn’t have to explain our reasoning for why we’d made our decisions, or that we weren’t going to be developing them further, that we were just designing for the experience of it.

I also think I found the hardest thing not being able to discuss our ideas or show each other our work, as even though I can work independently, I much prefer having group crits and bouncing ideas of each other.

But, overall, It was a good experience, as It made me appreciate how I usually work and having other resources to use, whether it be books, environments or people, along the way.

There is also a another project which we have on the go with the University of Abu Dhabi, which is on the subject of Home, and will be part of a Corner house exhibition, curated by the lovely Tash Wilcocks! Which a number of us from both Salford Uni and Abu Dhabi Uni have created a mood board about what Home means to us. We will then be exchanging mood boards, which I think is happening now, and then creating a poster with our interpretations of these. Which should be pretty good, so keep your eyes peeled.

Exhibition link: